3 solar panels for solar heating


3 solar panels for air heating for indoor spaces between 25 and 150 m2 using solar energy. Heat your house cheaply and ecologically.
This type of heating provides interiors with fresh and warm air to create a comfortable indoor climate. The carbon air heater is 100% solar powered and, once installed, works fully automatically without the need for maintenance. This system is, therefore, ideal as a source of additional heating in holiday homes, garden sheds, basements or garages and are an excellent additional heating system for the house in fall and spring.
It is a one time investment. It works 100% solar energy and is 100% maintenance free.
Unpainted aluminum frame. Possibility of lacquered in white or black for 50 ? more (custom budget request)
The kit comes pre-assembled and easy to install. The sun heats the converter, which uses a fan mounted on the back to distribute warm air in the room. Equipment operation is regulated by a thermostat. The increase of fresh air and low humidity improve air quality inside the home and reduce the risk of moisture and mold.
They feature a welded frame construction. The internal frame ensures stability soldier and the free flow of hot air between the air inlet and outlet is also ensured. The fan is designed to exclude air leaks. The air channels are linked so that the air slowly passes through the converter for maximum heat absorption. The temperature of exhaust air is therefore that of conventional air heaters.

Moisture and reduces the risk of mold
Automatic regulation of air and heat supply
No operating costs, since it is not connected to the mains
High quality construction and finishing
Easy to install on a wall or ceiling
100% maintenance free

3 year warranty on manufacturing errors. 10-year warranty on materials. 5 year warranty on manufacturing errors of installed solar cells. 25-year warranty on at least 80% of the installed output solar cells.
It must be installed on a sunny exterior wall or an equally sunny roof. For wall installation, it is recommended to be on top of it.
The price refers to the wall installation. For roof installation is needed kit not included (can request quote).