Victron Multiplus Inverter 24V 3000VA 70+50A


The Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter, energy goes from direct current from batteries to 230V single-phase alternating current.
Characteristics of the Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter
The Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter with MultiPlus function, which combines a powerful pure sine wave Victron inverter and a battery charger that adapts according to the instantaneous requirements of the solar installation.
What function does the Inverter charger have?
An inverter charger has two distinct parts, power inverter and charger. On the one hand, we have the power inverter that performs the typical functions of conventional Victron power inverters.
On the other hand, the charger is in charge of activating an alternative energy generator to the solar panels in case the batteries drop below the minimum voltage that allows their operation; It is at this moment, when the charger activates the generator and simultaneously feeds both the batteries (charges the batteries) and the power supply to the house if required.
The MultiPlus function includes the following features:
Two AC outlets: The MultiPlus function is responsible for continuing to supply energy to the loads in the event of a blackout or disconnection from the electrical network, and is also capable of doing so in less than 20 milliseconds, allowing any electronic equipment, whether they are computers , televisions etc., can continue to function without interruption.
Unlimited power due to its parallel operation: 6 equal power inverters can be connected to increase their output power, an interesting feature for installations in which a future expansion is intended.
Allows three-phase operation: In addition to a parallel connection, 3 equal units can be enabled to give rise to a three-phase output.
Unlimited power of the generator: The battery charger that it incorporates is very powerful, which may use a lot of current from the generator or from the electrical network, which is why, in this power inverter, the charger can establish a maximum current mains or generator input.
Increase in the electrical capacity of the generator: When a power peak is required at a certain time, a common situation in photovoltaic systems, the MultiPlus inverter charger will compensate for the possible lack of power from the generator or from the electrical network through the power of Battery.
Four-stage variable charger and double battery bank charging: Provides a variable battery charging system through software installed in the inverter-charger itself.
Sinus Max technology of the Victron Multiplus Inverter 24V 3000VA 70+50A
The Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter has been developed to be used in a number of applications. Victron Phoenix decided to create a sinusoidal charger inverter with characteristics that are difficult to find in the nautical and photovoltaic market, due to the use of high-frequency hybrid technology.
Thanks to this advance, the Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter is a quality product, prepared to work in adverse conditions, in addition to guaranteeing correct operation over time, it is well-prepared for corrosion and atmospheric agents that can be harmful to electronic devices.
Additional Starting Power of the Victron Multiplus Inverter 24V 3000VA 70+50A
This is the unique feature of the Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter, equipped with a very high starting power, which allows it to reach performance levels where traditional high frequency is not capable. Due to these characteristics, the Victron Multiplus 24V 3000VA 70+50A Inverter is prepared to supply the most complicated loads, such as computers or low-power electrical devices.
Transfer of the load to another AC source of the Victron Multiplus Inverter 24V 3000VA 70+50A
For lower power Victron Phoenix power inverter models we recommend the “Filax” automatic transfer switch, due to its extremely short switching time, thus allowing the correct operation of computers and other electronic equipment.