Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter


The Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter, the perfect solution for self-consumption hybrid systems and also controls energy.
Characteristics of the Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter
The Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter is an advanced device for our photovoltaic installation that makes it easier for us to have a self-consumption hybrid system with storage and full operating guarantees.
Like the entire Victron MultiPlus range, this MultiPlus-II family is a multifunctional inverter with charger that has numerous electrical certifications from numerous countries that enable it to be used as an energy storage system connected to the electricity grid (ESS).
The MultiPlus-II model, previously called MultiGrid II, also incorporates anti-islanding protection and the functionalities of Victron PowerControl and PowerAssist.
The Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A solar charger inverter is a guarantee of reliability and stability, thanks to the advanced design of its power stage.
The Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter offers up to 3000VA of output power from the inverter itself, although thanks to its PowerAssist function, it can supply more output power by adding energy from the AC input and also from the batteries so as not to overload the external mains input. It works with 24V batteries and has an internal 70A battery charger.
Thanks to its function as UPS, it is capable of offering uninterrupted power output, since switching is very fast so that critical consumption is not affected.
Like the rest of the MultiPlus family, it has a great capacity for expansion thanks to its possibility of working in parallel with a maximum of 6 units. It is also possible to use it on a three-phase network by installing a unit for each phase, to which we can also add parallel work within the phases themselves.
Operation of the Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A Inverter
The MultiPlus-II inverter can work under any common energy storage topology. Optionally, a current sensor is offered to be able to limit the alternating current input according to our needs, since the transfer and charging power of the MultiPlus-II can be excessive for the current available. The most common application of this type of inverter is the following:
MultiPlus-II used as UPS in applications with critical loads. In this case, the charger inverter can have the usual loads, powered by the conventional electrical network, and have an energy storage system (battery) that will power the critical loads if the network fails or is unstable. Consideration should be given to whether any limitation to the AC input must be applied to a safe value by means of the PowerControl and PowerAssist functions. 

Connected to the electrical network and with photovoltaic through MPPT regulator. In this case, the photovoltaic inverter will use the information provided by the toroidal current sensor and thus optimize self-consumption, converting the energy into alternating current and using it directly for consumption.
Thanks to this, we will be able to choose whether to pour the excess solar production into the electricity grid. The batteries are recharged with solar panels and the consumption can be divided among the critics; always fed even with cuts in the supply and the normal ones, which can also be fed with the energy produced by the panels.

Victron MultiPlus-II Inverter Monitoring 24V 3000VA 70+35A
In order to have maximum control of the operation of the solar installation, it is highly recommended to include the Victron ColorControl Panel, since from it we can configure, load the operating parameters and be able to supervise the performance of the entire system. All the components will appear on the supervision screen, and we will have detailed information on production, consumption, storage, etc.
Thanks to including the Victron ColorControl Panel, we will have access to the VRM portal provided by the brand, where we will have access to the monitoring and configuration of the system from any terminal with internet access. The VRM portal will even give us the option of sending us alarms based on what we program in the system’s operation.
Inverter Compatibility Victron MultiPlus-II 24V 3000VA 70+35A
The MultiPlus-II can work without any problem with practically any 48V battery on the market. Its great flexibility and adaptability allows it to be configured to charge a lead battery of any technology, whether sealed or open OPzS type.
Victron regularly updates its software to ensure compatibility with the vast majority of lithium battery brands on the market. It is a guarantee for the future.
If an external charge regulator topology is used to charge batteries or for direct self-consumption, it is recommended to use a Victron brand MPPT model. In this way, in the ColorControl panel, we will have the photovoltaic production of the system in detail.
If a photovoltaic inverter is used as a solar generator, it is advisable to use a Fronius product, although it is also compatible with other well-known brands in the sector, such as Kostal. In ColorControl and in the VRM portal, we can also supervise the production of the Photovoltaic inverter without any problem.
There is also compatibility with more manufacturers, such as Schneider; You can check the compatibility table on the Victron website, where it is updated regularly.