Solar Panel Kit 600W 12V 1000Whdia


The Solar Panel Kit 600W 12V 1000Whdia, feeds small consumers such as televisions, lamps, laptops, etc.
Characteristics of the Solar Panel Kit 600W 12V 1000Whdia system
The photovoltaic system provided in the attached file can generate 0.60 kWh per day in winter (3 hours of sunshine) and 1.40 kWh in summer (7 hours of sunshine).
The characteristics of the proposed system are the following:

Installed solar generation: 200 W
Maximum output power to housing: 600W
Daily production in winter: 0.60 kWh
Summer: daily production: 1.40 kWh
Annual average daily production: 1.00 kWh

Components of the Solar Panel Kit 600W 12V 1000Whdia
1 x Solar Panel MUST 200W 12V Monocrystalline; suitable for caravans and 12V installations. It consists of 32 monocrystalline cells, weighs 10.3 kg and has dimensions of 1290 × 760 × 30 mm. The efficiency of the module is 20.4%, making it a very good option for small isolated houses with 3 or 4 panels and a 12V battery installed.
1 x Ultracell UCG-172-12 12V 172Ah GEL Battery: From leading brands like Ultracell, this GEL battery guarantees maximum performance and longevity for your solar kit. This is a deep cycle and represents the best in lead-acid battery technology with a GEL electrolyte. The life expectancy is over 1200 cycles, but if discharged below 30%, the battery life can be easily doubled and shortened. The GEL electrolyte is maintenance free and does not out gas, making it a very safe battery for indoor use. The battery has F11 screw terminals and weighs approximately 43 kg.
1 x 12V / 24V 20A PWM Must Solar Regulator: the 20A charge regulator works with a 12Vdc or 24Vdc battery and reports all the battery charging information (general operating status, battery voltage, current produced and temperature) from the panel includes an LCD screen to display In addition, this 10A solar charge controller from the manufacturer Must Solar can be easily configured to accurately charge batteries regardless of technology, ensuring perfect results and long battery life. It features a 12Vdc or 24Vdc output for DC-powered charging, 2 USB ports for charging mobile devices, and offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The charge controller has protection against PV array short circuit, PV reverse connection, battery reverse connection, overload and output short circuit. Available from 10A to 60A in 12V DC and 24V DC models.
1 x 600W 12V Must Solar Inverter Charger: integrates a battery charger in one device, providing a very useful solution for small solar power systems. The nominal power is 600W and the maximum power for 20ms is 1800W. The nominal output voltage is 230 VAC. The battery supply voltage is 12 VDC. You can check the load, battery voltage, current, etc. on the LCD screen. This battery charger allows you to charge your battery from an external generator or power supply and features 10A at 12V. Compatible with sealed and open lead acid batteries. 0.5 meter cable of the required section is included. Inverter warranty is 2 years.
1 x Roll Unifilar Cable 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K 10m red: special for electrical installations. Halogen-free flexible power cables for the most demanding industrial requirements.
1 x Roll Unifilar Cable 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K 10m black: special for electrical installations. Halogen-free flexible power cables for the most demanding industrial requirements.
2 x 6mm Cable Eye Terminal – 8mm Eye: used to crimp 6mm gauge cables and connect with 8mm diameter screws.
1 x WEIDMULLER PVStick Connectors – Most recommended if you don’t have crimping tools that can connect normal MC4 connectors. They are compatible with all connector models that come standard with solar panels and require no tools to connect to the cable.