Solar collector Solcrafte Style PLUS 195 liters


Solcrafte PLUS integrated solar collector and accumulator 195 liters exceptional performance and design with easy mounting solar system.

What is the Solcrafte system?
The Solcrafte solar equipment is a revolutionary system with integrated tank.
Solcrafte is the first compact all-in-one solar water heater: the water is heated and stored directly in the solar collector, thus offering higher performance than the classic determosiphon equipment where the solar panel and the water tank are separated.
Unique and aesthetically pleasing design.
The solar water heater is less visible where roofs and roofs offer a greater number of application areas, whether on sloped ceilings, flat roofs, independent gardens, parallel connections or in combination with other heat sources.
Installation time
The cost of transport and installation time are less than in a normal thermosyphon equipment due to its compact design, being a single piece only has to anchor the supports, hold the solcratte to said supports and connect the cold water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet and you’re ready to go.
The installation is done in just a few minutes, it is only plug & play with all the components. It is also easy to maintain and easy to repair.
The new design of the solar water heater with tank included reduces the space required by 60%.
Reduced maintenance and extended life
The Solcrafte does not overheat: the Solcrafte® solar water heater has a limitation of 95 degrees and does not require glycol or anodes. It is also resistant to corrosion and does not accumulate lime in the tank thanks to the new PLUS coating (blue).
Greater and better performance
Being a direct heating solar equipment is 2 times faster than usual. The isolation of the cellular structure reduces the heat loss, while the blue macromolecular coating helps the longevity for use with water of corrosive quality. The design with the included tank is combined with the building for a better appearance.
Universal design
Solcrafte® is compatible with flat and inclined roofs and has a closed circuit system with pressurized design. It comes with an optional electric backup kit for 24-hour water supply and an optional antifreeze kit for cold areas.
It has up to 20% more efficiency than conventional thermosyphons.
Its principle of operation is very simple: the water heats up and accumulates directly in the solar capacitor. The fact that the collector fluid and the consumption fluid are the same has the important advantage of not having transmission losses and not needing the continuous circulation for its heating. Thus, the lowest solar radiation is transformed into heat and efficiency increases.

Technical characteristics: 

Total area of the sensor: 2.4 m2 
Dimensions: 2184 x 1100 x 212 mm 
Weight (empty): 75 kg. 
Capacity: 195 liters 
Insulation: PUR rigid foam plate 30mm 
Temp. Maximum range 100 º C 
Maximum pressure: 4 bar 
Connections: 2 external thread 3/4 ”

Possibility of support and resistance frost resistance. 
5 year warranty
Stand not included. You can buy it here
Stand inclined roof not included: You can buy it here