Isolated Photovoltaic Solar Kit 3000W 24V 9600Whdia


The Isolated Photovoltaic Solar Kit 3000W 24V 9600Whdia, a suitable system to have an installation for our second residence.
Characteristics of the Isolated Photovoltaic Solar Kit system 3000W 24V 9600Whdia
The photovoltaic system provided in the attached file can generate 7.29 kWh per day in winter (3 hours of sunshine) and 17.01 kWh in summer (7 hours of sunshine).
The characteristics of the proposed system are the following:

Installed solar generation: 2,430 W
Maximum output power to the box: 3000VA
Daily production in winter: 7.29 kWh
Summer: daily production: 17.01 kWh
Annual average daily production: 12.15 kWh

Components of the Isolated Photovoltaic Solar Kit 3000W 24V 9600Whdia

6 x Solar Panel 405W Deep Blue 3.0 JA Solar Mono: they have very special properties. It contains a half cell that provides a very high level of efficiency with a power of 405W. Powered by PERC technology and supplied by world renowned manufacturer JA Solar.
1 x Structure 6 Panels 30-45mm Coplanar Falcat: support to allow the placement of 6 solar panels on the roof with the correct slope and orientation. The panels are placed perpendicular to the structure and have the same slope as the surface on which they are installed. In this case, the structure is designed for panels of any length and has a universal press that accepts panel profiles from 30 to 45 mm. This is the most suitable type of construction for metal roofs, sandwich panels or concrete slab roofs. The product is supplied in a single package and can be connected to multiple structures of the same type using the appropriate connection kit.
1 x Voltronic VMII 3000W 24V Inverter Charger Pre-Assembled with Guards – This is a pre-assembled kit containing the Voltronic VMII 3000W 24V Isolated Inverter which provides up to 3000W of output power from a 24V battery. The inverter has an input for the solar panel and is used to supply power and charge the 24V battery. This energy passes through an internal MPPT type charge controller with a charging power of 80A and is used to boost the battery charge and make it ready for use. This is a controller that operates at a high voltage of 120 to 450 VDC. A 24V battery charger with a charging force of up to 60A is also included in case you need to charge the battery using a compatible generator or external power source. The entire set is pre-assembled and wired on a metal plate that can be easily hung on the wall. Simply connect the input of the solar panel to the corresponding input of the fuse that protects it, and the consumption to the output of the circuit breaker. The shield plate must be placed high enough for the battery cables to properly reach the terminals.
4 x 6V 600Ah Tensite OPzS Battery: includes tube plate that offers very high performance and the best price. It is ideal for medium-sized photovoltaic systems. It is a long-lasting battery with excellent discharge characteristics
1 x TS4200iF-Y 3.8kW Tensite Inverter Generator – A generator used to harvest power in remote areas where the electrical grid is inadequate. Its small and quiet size make it ideal for construction, industry, home, agriculture and anywhere a quality generator is needed.
1 x Roll Unifilar Cable 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K 15m red: special for electrical installations. Halogen-free flexible power cables for the most demanding industrial requirements.
1 x Roll Unifilar Cable 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K 15m black: special for electrical installations. Halogen-free flexible power cables for the most demanding industrial requirements.
3 x Battery Interconnection Cable: measured at the terminals provided depending on the diameter of the battery screw to be connected. It has all the technical properties that allow the batteries to be interconnected in complete safety.
1 x WEIDMULLER PVStick Connectors – Most recommended if you don’t have crimp tools that can connect normal MC4 connectors. They are compatible with all connector models that come standard with solar panels and do not require tools to connect to the cable.