Inverter Victron Quattro 5000VA 24V 120+100A


The main feature of the Victron QUATTRO family is that it has 2 AC inputs and the inverter offers 2 power outputs.
Characteristics of the Victron Quattro 5000VA 24V 120+100A Inverter
It has two AC inputs with integrated transfer switch. The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC power sources, for example to the dock network or to a generator, or to two generators. It will automatically connect to the active power supply.
Two AC outlets
The main output has the “no-break” function (without interruption). The Quattro takes care of the supply to the connected loads in the event of a blackout or disconnection from the electrical network/generator. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment continue to function without interruption.
The second output is only active when AC power is supplied to one of the Quattro’s inputs. Devices that should not discharge the battery, such as a water heater, can be connected to this output, for example:
Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation, up to 10 Quattro units can be operated in parallel. Ten 48/5000/70 units, for example, will give a power output of 45kW / 50kVA and a charging capacity of 700 amps.
The Victron Quattro 5000VA 24V 120+100A Inverter is capable of three-phase operation, that is, three units can be configured for three-phase output. But that’s not all: up to 10 groups of three units can be connected in parallel to provide an inverter power of 135kW / 150kVA and more than 2,000A of charging capacity.
The Victron Quattro 5000VA 24V 120+100A Inverter has split phase options. Two units can be stacked to get 120-0-120V, and up to 6 additional units per phase can be paralleled to supply power up to 30kW/36kVA split phase. A split phase AC source can also be obtained by connecting our autotransformer to a “European” inverter programmed to supply 240V/60Hz.
PowerControl: In cases of limited power from the generator, dock or network, the Quattro is a very powerful battery charger. Therefore, it will use a lot of current from the generator or from the dock network.
A current limit can be set for each of the AC inputs. The Quattro will then take into account the other AC loads and use the excess current to charge the batteries, thus avoiding overloading the generator or the pontoon network.
PowerAssist: Reinforcement of the power of the generator or the pontoon network. This feature takes the principle of PowerControl to another dimension, allowing the Quattro to complement the capability of the alternative source.
When peak power is required for a short period of time, as is often the case, Quattro will immediately compensate for a potential lack of power from the dock or generator current with battery power. When the load is reduced, the remaining power is used to recharge the battery.
Solar Power: AC power available even during a blackout, the Quattro can be used in PV systems, grid-connected or off-grid, and other alternative electrical systems.
System setup couldn’t be easier. Once installed, the Quattro is ready to go. If the setting needs to be changed, it can be done in a matter of minutes using a new DIP switch setting procedure. With the DIP switches, you can even program parallel and three-phase operation: no need for a computer!
In addition, a VE.Net can also be used instead of the DIP switches. And sophisticated programs (VE.Bus Quick Configure and VE.Bus System Configurator) are available to configure various new and advanced features.