Inverter Victron EasySolar 24V 1600VA MPPT 100V 50A


It is the option offered by Victron all in one, equipped with a 50A MPPT charge regulator, with a maximum input voltage of 100V.
Characteristics of the Victron EasySolar 24V 1600VA MPPT 100V 50A Inverter
The inverter part has a power of 1600VA with connection to 24V batteries. The wave generated by the inverter is a pure sine wave, which allows the correct operation of all the equipment in a home, such as televisions, lights, washing machines, etc.
The inverter emits single-phase 230V pure sinusoidal current through a copper coil, which guarantees a longer life for the device, since the way of emitting the current is mechanical, which minimizes failures of electrical components. 

The battery charger part is a 24V charger capable of supplying the batteries with a maximum current of 40A per hour of operation. Through the battery charger, we can charge the batteries through a source of energy external to the solar installation, very useful when there are rainy and cloudy days, where the solar panels are not capable of supplying the energy requested by the home or by the consumer.
Through the input of the battery charger, the 1600VA 24V Easy Solar is capable of charging the batteries through a gasoline or diesel generator or from the electrical network. 

The charge regulator part has a built-in MPPT regulator of 100V maximum voltage and 50A maximum current, thus allowing us to take advantage of up to 1400W of solar panels, so we can install about 4 320W panels, which are currently the most powerful in the 24V range.
We can also install grid connection panels, for example 270W, that although the inverter is 24V, the MPPT charge controller will adjust the voltage to 24V. If we put 270W solar panels, we must put an even amount, and we will take full advantage if we install 6 solar panels.

The function of the victron Easy Solar 1600Va 24V is to combine an MPPT charge controller with an inverter charger and an AC distributor in just one device. Said inverter is installed very easily, since all the connections are pre-installed in the lower part of it to be able to arrive with MS four terminals from the panels and exit with a single cable in alternating current.
The victron Easy Solar 1600Va 24V has three connections in that box for the input of the solar panels, that is, we can connect up to three strings of panels in our photovoltaic system as long as we do not exceed the maximum voltage of 100V of the field of panels that the regulator allows us.
The complete connection diagram of the Easy Solar 24V 1600VA inverter can be seen below, since in addition to being able to connect the solar panels and batteries, we can monitor all the values ​​of the installation through the Victron Color Control GX accessory, knowing this forms the amount of energy that we are producing, the amount of energy that we are consuming as well as the remaining autonomy of the battery at all times. 

About the charger inverter, the victron Easy Solar 1600Va 24V share the battery cables that are already included in the inverter itself. The batteries can be charged in two different ways, the main one is by solar energy through the MPPT regulator and in case this is not enough we can supply it with the battery charger also integrated in the inverter. The battery charger will power the system’s batteries using a generator or mains power.
The victron Easy Solar 1600Va 24V alternating current distributor consists of an RCD and four alternating current outputs protected by two 10A and two 16A circuit breakers. One of the 16A outputs is controlled by the AC input which will activate when AC power is available.
The victron Easy Solar 1600Va 24V is equipped with a special Victron technology called Power Assist which allows mains or generator power from an overload, adding extra power from the inverter when needed.
In addition to all these advances, the inverter has exclusive software for solar applications where, through a computer program, we can configure the system for both autonomous and network-connected applications.