Growatt ARK LV 17.9kWh 48V Lithium Battery


The Growatt ARK LV 17.9kWh 48V Lithium Battery, isolated system with Growatt SPF inverter and also for single-phase self-consumption.
Components of the Growatt ARK LV 17.9kWh 48V Lithium Battery
7 x Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV Lithium Battery Module: This 48V battery module is suitable for Growatt self-consumption systems with SPH models or for isolated SPF inverters that work at 48V. The battery is used for energy storage that the inverter manages automatically.
This lithium accumulator provides a long lifespan and can be supplemented with more 2.56kWh modules to increase the capacity of our battery bank. With a 10-year warranty and more than 6,000 life cycles, it stands for durability and reliability.

1 x Growatt ARK Battery Base: This base serves as a bottom support for installing Growatt ARK batteries on a tower. One must be included for each battery tower.

1 x Growatt ARK LV-SPF-SPH Wiring: This cable is used to connect an ARK LV type battery tower with the corresponding inverter. They incorporate the appropriate connection terminals to make the installation of the system as easy as possible.