Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV Lithium Battery Module


The Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV Lithium Battery Module, storage system compatible with Growatt Single-Phase SPH and Growatt SPF 48V.
Technical characteristics Lithium Battery Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1
The ARK 2.5L-A1 Lithium Battery from the manufacturer Growatt is a type of lithium accumulator with a nominal 2.56 kWh and a unit voltage of 51.2V. This 2.5L-A1 battery model is used for LV sets as an accumulation system in Growatt SPH and SPF Single-Phase inverters. With both models of inverters, by working at 48V in their accumulation with batteries, perfect compatibility and communication between devices is ensured.
The manufacturing technology of the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 Lithium Battery is LiFePo (lithium ferrophosphate battery) and Cobalt free. It is ready to be installed in any environment, thanks to its IP65 protection, and is ready to be anchored to the wall or mounted on the ground. It has passive natural cooling, so we will not have any noise during its operation.
This ARK 2.5L-A1 model is a unitary module that is used to form a group of ARK LV batteries. This group of batteries does not require a BMS, since it is integrated within each of the modules. The communications wiring with the inverter is also specific, and a base or lower support is also required if we are going to install the batteries in the form of a tower resting on the ground.
The Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 Lithium Battery is compatible with different models of Growatt single-phase inverters for isolated installations (SPF) such as self-consumption connected to the network (SPH). Its working voltage is compatible with 48V systems, since it works at a nominal 51.2V.
The ARK LV range is made up of a minimum of 1 unit and a maximum of 10 modules like this one that are connected to the same system. This allows us to configure a battery between 2.56 and 25.6 kWh of nominal capacity. Since in an LV system, the batteries are connected in parallel, the maximum charge and discharge capacity of the inverter that controls the system must be taken into account.
An LV storage system can range between 25A of charge/discharge current of a single module and up to 120A that supports a system with 5 battery modules.
Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 Lithium Battery Installation
One of the great advantages of the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 Lithium Battery is that it can be installed stackable, without the need for any cabinet and without annoying visible connections between the modules.
You can start from an installation with the minimum number of modules and progressively expand according to your needs. It will only be necessary to take into account that the inverter is compatible with the extensions and with the total number of modules of the battery bank.
The installation of more battery modules, in addition to varying the accumulation capacity of the system, also allows us to charge and discharge higher rates depending on the inverter that accompanies them.
The wiring depending on the inverter is not included in this product.