Complete pallet solar panel Yingly poly 335W


Complete pallet with 26 Yingli polycrystalline solar panels 335W of 24V and 72 cells of high efficiency and power.
Yingli YGE 72 CELL series 2 polycrystalline solar panel 335 Wp and 72 cells. This panel is high efficiency so it achieves output power per m2. Made with certified materials.
YingliSolar solar panels use the latest in cellular technological innovation, increasing module output power and system reliability.
These solar panels have a 25-year linear power output guarantee and a 10-year product warranty on materials.
They have an efficiency of 19.6% of the cell (one of the highest yields in solar panels) Yingli YGE 72 CELL of 335Wp guarantees you a solar panel of exceptional quality. This solar panel is perfect for any solar kit for both an isolated and self-consumption installation of small, medium and large power.
The soalr Yingli brand, in addition to high efficiency, also offers a strong and durable product, thanks to its products being subjected to long-term quality and reliability tests, such as its resistance to PID (Induced Power Degradation) according to the standard IEC 62804
The Yingli 335W solar panel has a revolutionary Multi-Busbar design that decreases the chances of microcracks in the cells and finger breaks. The glass with which this solar panel is manufactured incorporates an anti-reflective coating that directs much more light to the solar cells to generate greater performance, thus increasing the output power; All this translates into security for your investment.
Yingli is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels and aims to offer affordable green energy for everyone.
A solar panel directly converts sunlight into electricity through a mechanical absorption system. In general, photovoltaic cells include 60 or 72 polycrystalline cells in each module) that meets this definition, since they are composed of special materials called semiconductors; When the sun’s rays (their photons and wavelengths) strike against these semiconductors, solar energy is absorbed.
Therefore the semiconductors of a plate or photovoltaic module are the real ones responsible for the performance of the equipment, being the most efficient semiconductor for this purpose those silicon compounds.
One of the most important properties of silicon is its chemical nature, which makes it the most conducive material for the conductive absorption of solar energy, in its nature or crystalline form. This crystallinity, according to whatever, is what allows semiconductors to capture different ranges of bands derived from different wavelengths or photons, depending on the nature of their layer. Therefore, a certain crystalline layer admits the absorption of a single type of wavelength or photon.
Technical characteristics of the solar panel Yingli 335W 72 cells

Power: 335 W
Vmp (V); 37.7V
Impp (A): 8.89 A
Number of cells: 72
Cell Type: Polycystalin
Dimensions: 1960 x 992 x 40 mm
Weight: 22 Kg
Warranty: 10 years in materials and 25 years in production
Manufacturer: Yingli Solar