Air conditioning Belaire2400K reverse cycle caravans


Belaire 2400K air conditioner is a powerful model that weighs little and also has a remote control.
The Belaire is the ideal rooftop air conditioner for any caravan or motorhome, from a small trailer to the most complete motorhomes. It is a light and complete system, with an electronic remote control unit. This model is very powerful and weighs very little, with a highly efficient and very quiet compressor compared to other models on the market.
This reverse cycle model also has an exclusive anti-freeze system that allows it to work even at temperatures of -5ºC.

Air filtering and dehumidifying function
Elegant control panel with LEDs for electronic climate control
Full remote control with timer and dehumidifier function
Reverse cycle heat pump for heating and cooling, with electronic anti-freeze to allow use in temperatures down to -5ºC
Super resistant and light chassis and canopy, made of polypropylene, stable against UV light


Cooling capacity – 2.4kW
Heating capacity – 2.4kW
Maximum cooling current – 4.2A
Maximum heating current – 3.6A
current max. rotor – 4.4A
Maximum air supply – 110 l/s
Installed weight – 29kg + 2.8kg
External unit dimensions (H x W x D) – 215 x 566 x 1002mm