29L TL29 refrigerator Built-in compressor top loading


The 29 liter TL 29 refrigerator from ENDEL B is an extremely versatile, solid and reliable product.
The 29 liter INDEL B top loading refrigerator model TL 29 is particularly suitable for installation inside cabinets, thanks to its very compact dimensions, flat bottom and removable refrigeration unit with cable. 1.5m feed for fantastic positioning flexibility. The cooling performance with operating temperatures from +10°C to -12°C make them two extremely versatile, solid and reliable products.
This compressor refrigerator is ideal for small spaces:

Limits space issues associated with hinged door opening without sacrificing storage capacity.
Cooling performance and energy efficiency.
They are ideal to be easily integrated under the seats, in the dressers or in the dining room.

INDEL B has a long and successful business history that has allowed us to design a range of products for each type of need. Great ease and flexibility of installation, high aesthetic integration of the refrigerator with the furniture of the vehicle, automatic door locking systems and great versatility of configurations. Characterized by low noise and limited energy consumption, they are certified and approved for automobiles by European and North American truck manufacturers to be successfully fitted in several million vehicles.
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